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Take Your Product To The Public In A Food Truck

When you have a new product or service to introduce, take your message directly to your target market. Rent a food truck to showcase your product and drive your brand name down the street. LA food trucks have everything required to prepare, store and distribute your product. As rolling restaurants, they can reach your target […]

Five Things Food Trucks Can Do that Restaurants Can’t

They’re everywhere: busy urban street corners, rock festivals, sporting events, conventions and fairs. Food trucks are the latest and greatest way to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a scrumptious snack. Southern California is home to hundreds of mobile bistros, and while you may not have considered this, they offer area food lovers a cornucopia of […]

It Makes Sense! Taste Testing From A Food Truck

Food trucks are great providers. They can provide a quick meal on the street, box lunches for a training session, sandwiches and salads on wheels, a sit-down dinner for 500, a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner or a buttoned-down business buffet. Now marketing professionals are using food trucks for a little something else – to […]