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Food Trucks in Los Angeles Are Wedding Catering Gurus

A wedding reception is a clever way to feed and entertain your guests on a budget. Having a food truck catering at your reception is trendy and fun, plus it is a great way to introduce unique offerings to your guests while managing wedding expenses. A typical food truck wedding reception will be considerably less […]

Best Food Truck In LA

Save Money With A Food Truck Wedding Los Angeles Style

Today, the fabulous food trucks of Los Angeles create and serve first-class street meals, and many spend a majority of their working hours handling catering jobs. In fact, many of the best LA food trucks are experienced at catering special parties and events of all kinds, including wedding receptions. There is no “wrong” way to […]

LA Food Truck Catering Means Classy Cuisine For Your Wedding

Food Truck Catering are the new heroes of the Southern California food service industry. That’s because they are innovative, creative and often use only the freshest, healthiest ingredients to create their entrees. But best of all, they are very affordable. A food truck chef can cater an event – such as a wedding reception – […]

Treat Your Wedding Guests To LA Food Truck Cuisine

LA food trucks make wedding receptions super special. Food truck chefs have grown the LA food truck business into a viable industry that caters to and entertains thousands of couples and their wedding guests each year. LA foodies love food trucks and frequently invite them to showcase their cooking talents at catered events – including weddings. […]

Go to the Chapel And Get Married With The Best LA Food Truck Food

In almost no time, LA food trucks has gone from serving street munchies to hungry passers by to providing first-class catered cuisine to chichi party goers and business leaders. That stereotypical “roach coach” has driven away and been replaced by the upscale new food trucks now travelling the streets of Southern California, producing unique dishes […]