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Let Your Food Truck Caterer Help with Wedding Rentals

It is almost impossible to pull off a lovely wedding reception without renting some necessities. That’s where your gourmet food truck caterer can provide a second service.   Everyone knows that gourmet food trucks are the hottest trend in wedding reception dinners and munchies. But did you know that your experienced food truck cater also […]

Casting a movie? Cast Your Food Truck First

Southern California is a mecca for food trucks and the people who love them. The region is home to unique food trucks serving top-quality cuisine on city streets and at weddings, fund-raising events, rock concerts and private parties. In addition, many food trucks are available to provide movie productions and video and photo crews with […]

Invite Food Trucks to Your Wedding Festivities

Inviting a food truck (or two) to your wedding is the biggest trend in today’s marriage celebrations. They are great at reception, rehearsal dinner, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, bridesmaid luncheons and events at the bride’s home. But have you thought about the food required on the day that the wedding takes place? We’re […]

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Showcase Your Latest Product From A Rented Food Truck

Food trucks are great for serving street food and catering parties. They’ve also proven themselves worthy of promoting new products and services. No matter what your business, you can rent a food truck – with or without a kitchen crew – to market your latest and greatest offering, give away samples, create brand awareness or […]

Never Skip Lunch When A Local Food Truck Is Nearby

At noon every day, most of the world stops for lunch. If you’re a typical American, you rarely have time to stop what you’re doing at work and head for a restaurant. That’s why food trucks are so welcomed in business districts and around office buildings. These rolling bistros bring delicious, healthy food choices directly […]