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How To Throw A Successful Cocktail Party

Have something to celebrate?  Want to entertain a large group of friends at one time? Wish you could travel back in time to the days of Mad Men? All of these are great reasons to host a cocktail party. Here’s how to do it: Determine the date, time and location and make a guest list.  […]

Feast On Fund-Raiser Food From Your Favorite Food Truck

Food trucks can be found all across the Los Angeles area. They serve food on the streets, feed festival and concert goers and cater everything from wedding receptions and business lunches to cocktail parties and class reunions. Now they are finding a steady following at charity and fund-raising events. Some Los Angeles-area food trucks are […]

Food Trucks Are Test Kitchens On Wheels

Food trucks provide a lot of things: a quick meal on the street, a catered dinner for 500, a deluxe dessert buffet at a wedding or a buttoned-down business breakfast. But foodservice marketers are looking to food trucks for something else –information on what consumer want – as they turn the mobile restaurants into public […]

It’s Easy To Plan A Business Luncheon

A well-planned business lunch can make your company or organization look great and impress your guests. Coordinating such an event may appear daunting, but it’s easy when you plan properly. Set the Scene You don’t always need to schedule your luncheon meetings at the company headquarters or in a nearby restaurant. For a change of […]

Affordable Food Truck Catering

Showcase Your Latest Product From A Rented Food Truck

Food trucks are great for serving street food and catering parties. They’ve also proven themselves worthy of promoting new products and services. No matter what your business, you can rent a food truck – with or without a kitchen crew – to market your latest and greatest offering, give away samples, create brand awareness or […]

Let’s Eat! Food Trucks Turn Out Delish Dishes

In Seattle, My Sweet Little Cakes serves pancakes and waffles on a stick. Flavors include savory beer with hickory smoked bacon, sweet red velvet buttermilk plus dark cherries and blueberry lemon ricotta covered in honey-lemon syrup. Meanwhile, Houston’s Stick It food truck sells filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables, as well as […]

Food Trucks Are Taking On Smaller Cities

For several years, food trucks have been big hits in major metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. Now foodies in small towns are getting their due. Food trucks are showing up in the Central Texas cities of Pflugerville, Round Rock and Georgetown, all fairly close to food-truck-crazy […]

Best Food Truck In LA

Eat Fast And Eat Well, Thanks To Food Truck Fare

People are busier than ever, and few have time for a leisurely restaurant lunch, especially on work days. In the current fast-paced work environment, most employees are expected to eat in nano-seconds and get back to their jobs. In these situations, food trucks become local heroes. There are many advantages to allowing a food truck […]

Food Trucks Help Make Oscar-Winning Movies

Behind every successful movie that makes it to the big screen is a dedicated catering team that kept the hard-working movie crew happy and well fed while on location. Because of union regulations, hot food must be provided to movie crew members at specified intervals throughout the day. That means the timing of food service […]